Puppies will come with the following


1. A Complete Health Record (health certificate up to date on all necessary vaccinations and deworming)


3. Puppy Blanket with mother/litter mates scent, The smell of the blanket will comfort him/her during his first night and the next few weeks with you, So this will help your new puppy transition be more easier to adjust to his new home and to ease the stress level.

4. Written Health Guarantee and LIFETIME GUARANTEE against any Genetic Defects (All of our pups will come with a health certificate from one of our vet, even if they are not being shipped. This is just to make sure that all puppies leave our home Healthy!! All vet details will be giving to you with your new pup paper work so you can confirm if you have any questions. Not only will we give Lifetime Generic Guarantee, but we will also give you 3 days to take your puppy to your own vet. The 3 days are giving so that you make sure the puppy does not have any parasites and as a responsible breeder, if your puppy has parasites/worms with in 3 days of leaving, WE will cover the vet fees for any positive fecal test for your consideration. We are so certain about the health of our puppies that we now also Guarantee that your puppy will be parasites/worms free when they leave our care if not we will pay for the necesary worm treatment.

5. Our top secrets on how to keep your puppy HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

6. Fleas & Ticks Free.

7. Puppy Kit-Info with how to care for your new puppy.

8. Akc Reg*

9. Collar 

10.  Puppy favorite toy.

11. Puppy food Sample.

12. Nuvet Plus Vitamins Sample.

MICROCHIP ID:Giving you peace of mind. That include a lifetime enrollment with the AKC lost and found program. Enrollment in AKC Companion Animal Recovery will help to ensure safe return of your pet when found. We are now offering microchipping for our puppies. There is an extra $60 fee for this service. This service includes a custom engraved collar tag with your dog's AKC number and the phone number to our 24/7/365 Lifetime recovery service helpline and lifetime enrollment with the AKC lost and found program. Enrollment in AKC Companion Animal Recovery will help to ensure safe return of your pet when found. one of the best forms of identification, pet microchips can help ensure your pets will be returned to you if they ever get lost. With proper implantation and registration, your dogs and cats have a permanent record of their identity with your contact information, so any veterinarian or shelter can trace them back to you. With microchips, you can keep your pets safe, even when they’re not by your side! (your pet’s microchip includes a prepaid enrollment-$19.95 value)...

For immediate enrollment go to www.akccar.org You will receive a confirmation of your pet’s enrollment with an AKC CAR collar tag showing your pet’s microchip ID number. Please alow up to 4 weeks for delivery of the collar tag.


NOTE: DO NOT change your puppy food! Feed your puppy the same type and brand of food every day. Unlike humans, a dog digestive system cannot handle changes in food. It can cause upset stomach and diarrhea. however Your puppy will probably get diarrhea when you first bring it home as it will be stressed from a new life change, new environment, new people, etc, but it will clear up in a few days.


*Internal & External parasite control:


We have properly dewormed the puppy up to departure date. It is the buyer’s responsibility to continued proper deworming after 3 days of receipt. Buyer understands that intestinal parasites (including hookworm, Roundworms, whipworms, coccidia and giardia) are considered a normal occurrence and all puppies need regular fecal exams and deworming up to 16 weeks of age or more. Please Don't forget a deworming schedule. Heart-worm disease, flea & tick infestations are cause by parasites that are all preventable.


Please provide an additional e-mail and phone number when placing a deposit in case we are not able to reach you via e-mail, we may be able to call you when the puppies are born.. Also if you place a deposit on any upcoming litter and if we dont receive any communication from you by the time your puppy is 3 weeks old, we will be forced to re-advertise the pup for sale. however your deposit is good for up to 12 months from the date that we receive it.