Dog Tags


Tags can be customized with color and design of your choice and with your pets name!

sizes available: 1 inch or 2 inch

Shapes available: dog bone, heart or rounded.


 Glitter Tags $11.50  Solid Color Tags $11 

 Specialty Designs $11 
 Half full $10.50 Clear Heart $10 Clear Bone $10 Mystery tag $9.50  

In the mood for a little surprise? order a mystery tag! Whe you order a mystery tag, we will send you a surprise-design custom tag for your pet! the tag color and designs will be hand-picked by us...... exciting right?? All you have to do is tell us.....1. The name of your pet2. Pet's gender3. Tag shape/sizeInclude this info at check out.

Handmade Disclaimer: Please understand that our tags are 100% handmade, and by nature, handmade products may contain small imperfections, and a slight variation in design details. These are part of the charm of a handmade product!


Dog Tags