Chelsy Bowman
Our puppy is more than we asked for in every way! She is so affectionate and playful. It was love at first sight for my husband and I!
Thanks so much for taking care of Mavericks (Rae) his first 8 weeks of life! He is an active, healthy and happy puppy. He is a little scared but I'm sure he will out grow that once he is fully adjusted to his new home!
Our little "Raven" arrived into San Francisco Airport yesterday evening and we could not possibly already be more in love with her! She arrived after her long flight with absolutely everything perfectly in order and organized! We are amazed at how well she is already doing in our home and how crate trained she already is! She is so loving! Thank you so much!
Kayla Jackson
We absolutely adore our little Peggy! She's our star! She is so playful and makes all of us smile. She and my 5 year old are inseparable. Such a joy!!!
I couldn't ask for a more beautiful pup than Yuki :) She was the missing puzzle piece to our fur-baby family and has adapted so quickly to our household. Thank you so much MySiberianHusky for raising our baby with love and care, it truly shows in how she is growing.
Holly Gooch
Piper is absolutely perfect!! She is a very playful, happy and very healthy puppy! She and our 1 year old German Shepard have become best buddies in only one week and already take naps together. Piper loves our children and they absolutely ADORE AND LOVE her. Piper has to pick them up from school. Loved getting to meet you guys in person and loved the facilities. Great experience with My Siberian Husky Kennels!
Zoe Marquez
Just got our second puppy, Pellam. He is amazing. He and Kelcy get along wonderfully. They are amazing and sweet, loving puppies. My husband, children, and I couldn't be more pleased with our new babies. Thank you for all you do!
Meeka is great! She fits right in with the other dogs, we're all impressed with how easy going she is. I thought she might be a little scared from being shipped but she was just fine, never missed a beat. She even came to us knowing how to 'sit.' Great experience with My Siberian Husky Kennels!
Carlos Castro
We are so glad we got Clipper from you guys. He's a happy puppy and looks very healthy. He's a very playful puppy. He even learned how to use the doggy door we have. He goes in and out the house as he pleases. He gets along very well with our older dog we have. At 1st he was scare because he was shipped via PetSafe. We picked him up with no problems. You guys are the best!!!
Valerie Robert
We LOVE our new puppy Kiona! She is amazing! We were very impressed that she adapted so quickly and played so well with our other husky. Interacting with My Siberian Husky Kennels was great, they are clearly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you so so much!
Love love love my little "Campbell" he is the sweetest little puppy ever. Always wants someone to love on him. Thank you so very much :)
So happy to see our puppy at home.He is absolutely socialized and lovely boy!Very playful and just amazing! Thank You very much for him and all You guys doing! Its a fluffy dream,and now he is a part of our family.You did a great job! Puppy is healthy,clean,not aggressive. We are so happy that found You! And I promise that we will do everything to make him happy!
Victor arroyo
Just picked up Benji yesterday night. He is absolutely 100% better then what I imagined. We bonded in a matter of minutes. He is very friendly with all of my family. It took him about 5 minutes when we got home to get comfortable. Once he was in his element, he started to play and run around. I really appreciate all the help and the patience in answering all of my questions it was a big help. I will be coming back to purchase Benji a brother or sister. Thanks again for all the help and shipping me an adorable and healthy puppy .
My Siberian Husky's is the BEST!! We just picked up "Aaron" yesterday @ the airport and he is the sweetest puppy!! He loves both of our sons (he was running around the yard w/ them!) & has no problem with our cats!! He is so cute & fluffy!! And he talks to us!! (: We are all in LOVE!! We already told everyone that has seen him where we got him! Thank You for answering all of my questions... I know I asked a lot!! Lol I can't wait to get my black/white girl!! "Aaron" is already getting into our routine! He is adorable!! I can't say THANK YOU enough!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! I will recommend you guys to everyone! We are so Happy!! The 1st thing my 3 yr. old said this morning is "where is my puppy?" "Aaron" is ONLY his puppy!! According to him.. Lol. (: Gerson, you are so Nice! Thanks for being so patient w/ me! I really appreciate it! And Thanks again for "Aaron"!! You guys have Beautiful Dogs & Puppies!! (: And thank you for all the pictures & videos!! You guys really are hands on! I think that's what makes a difference!! I'll talk to you soon... (Black/White girl) LOL (: I will LOVE My Furbabies Forever!! Thank You!! <3 Mary (: P.S. I think we are going w/ Chewbacca! Chewie for short! My son & his Star Wars! Ha! Ha! (:
I am seriously considering getting a nice dog for protection. Your presentation on Ebay Classifieds is the most professional sounding one I've ever read. I will be in contact when I have the funds. I think all those interested in your beautiful dogs should be thankful you are in the business. Thank you for your information.
I picked up Luka at the airport on Monday night. we instantly bonded. I was surprised how well he has adjusted, he is now like my little shadow I love him to bits. Thank you for being so helpful by answering my million of questions. I will love him and take care of him forever. Thank you for such a loving and playful puppy. I couldn't be more happier.
Saige (Cameron) flight came in Saturday night. All the worries and anxiety vanished after u saw how calm she was in her kennel. She instantly adjusted and bonded with us right away. Never cried when she was placed in her crate to sleep. I even had to wake her up in the morning for potty time. Such a sweet and confident girl! Thank you for such a great experience. We will love and take care of her forever &#10084;&#65039;
Just got my baby last night!! The puppy is super adorable and clean. Very well behaved as well!! Thank you!!
Theresa Newell
Thank you for such a beautiful puppy. We are already getting amazing compliments on him. My kids love him can't leave them alone. Thank you so much for all my thousands of questions and taking the time to answer them. Thank you!
Ragen Hamane
Thank you for a great and adorable puppy he smelled so great when we got him he was so clean i will always remember you guys i had a great stress free experience, i will recommend yall !!! Thanks alot
David and Katie Harvey
Our baby girl Aurora (Feather) is such a beautiful, smart, most wonderful puppy!! She is very loving and great with our kids. The perfect addition to our family. We're so very blessed to have her!! Thank you again!!
Amber Temple
I am so in love with my new baby! He is so calm and great with my son! Very playful and loving. I could not have asked for a better puppy to fill in my family. I am so lucky! Cash (Alpha) is so amazing! Great breeders!
Evelyn Eric Larsen
We are incredibly happy with our new puppies!!! It took less than 24 hrs for them to trust us and get attached. You can tell that they are just really happy puppies and already know where their water and feeding bowls are! So glad we made the long road trip to pick them up! Thank you :-)
rebecca wheeler
We are so happy with our puppy. He has settled in really well and is already attached to my son. I am glad we took our time and found a great breeder. Thank you for answering all of questions and giving us great tips for his care. We still haven't decided on a name yet but have a few ideas. We will post pictures of him soon.
Keeley Carraway
I have had the opportunity to see quite a few of these puppies come into MSVC. All of the dogs that I have interacted with have had very good manners. I would highly reccomend this breeder.
Whitney Laws
Juno (Bessa) is the best dog I have ever had! I love her dearly. Thank you so much for the bundle of joy you've given my family!
Brittany Beshel
I bought from My Siberian Husky and the experience couldn't have been better. I just got my little Sansa on February 2nd and she is such an angel. My Siberian Husky truly does breed for the best of quality. Everyone there that I've spoken to was so nice and helpful. If I were to ever think of getting another husky, I'd definitely come back here.
Kaitlyn Straight
We could not be happier, Daphne is the perfect addition to our family! My lab is so much happier now that she has a little buddy to play and sleep with.
Jordan Shortridge
Thank you for the best friend in the whole world. He has not had any behavior problems and get's along with anyone. He loves my lab and my lab loves him. I will definitely come back when I am ready for another puppy.
Madeleine Tucker
We abseolutely adore our new puppy Coco (Caroline). She is getting along perfectly with our beagle Sammy. The vet said she was perfectly healthy, and all of the staff love her to death. We are taking her in about 3-4 walks a day and she gets so excited. She is the best puppy a 13 year old girl could ask for!
Stacy Shaw
We picked up our Cali (Dana) on New Year’s Day and she is the perfect addition to our family. She’s a bundle of energy, life, and fur and we could not be happier with her. Cali is already showing her independence and intelligence and is looking forward to starting puppy training shortly. Thank you for providing us with the perfect match for our family. The Shaw’s in Cary, NC are eternally grateful! ~ Stacy, Ty, Ryan & Cali
We picked our puppy 3 days ago and we love our sweet (Daisy) Layla baby :) She is smart, curious, and so sweet! She has a great personality. She is very playful. She does great on long trips. Wherever we go she draws a crowd. Everyone loves her. We look forward to getting another husky puppy from you in the future.
Theresa Likins
Our newest family member, Tika, is so gentle and sweet, yet very playful and silly. She already loves naps with my 7 year old and playing ball with her "big" brother, Mickey (our Chihuahua/Shi Tzu mix.) She brought a lot of joy to our entire family this Christmas morning. Thank you!
Rickeya Jordan
I absolutely love my little bear. He's very well behaved, playful and smart. Whenever I decide to get another one, I will definitely come back here. Thank you so much.
Brent Kaplan
Thanks so much for Parker he is already adjusted. Perfect dog couldn't be better. Everyone that has seen him has loved him at first site.
Nick Stephens
I picked up Maverick as a Christmas present for my girlfriend and she immediately fell in love with him. He was well behaved and had no accidents on the car ride back from NC to NY. We stopped at a rest area and six people commented on how beautiful he was! His first night home was successful and he had no accidents in the house either. We are very satisfied and will definitely always come back to buy more huskies from you!
Patricia Todd
We picked up Cady, now Zoey on Saturday. She was really well behaved for the three hour ride home and has continued to amaze us with her good behavior. She is coming along with the potty training faster than expected and is adorable to watch play. Thank you soooooo much! We love her and can't wait to watch her grow up!
Megan Pink
We got Baliee late last night. My brother in law and his wife picked her up. They said that she was so sweet and slept the entire ride home. With her coming at thanksgiving, she has been so good meeting all the new people. We can't wait for our adventures to come with her!
Rena Martin
The best looking huskies around. Now that we have Tacoma (Ashley) her sweet and spunky personality only enhances her beauty.
The McGovern's
We received Layla (Adrianna) three days ago and we could not be any happier. She is so adorable and playful and very fun. We have been waiting to get a puppy together and we couldn't be any happier!
Toni Arnold
We received our baby Adelina, now Kaiya last night and she is everything I had ever dreamed of! She is beautiful, happy, loving, playful and most importantly healthy. Thank you so much and maybe in the future we will come to you for another baby!! You have been so wonderful to deal with and words can't express just how in love we are with our new furbaby!!
Rober Lesane
Hello to all at My Siberian Husky Kennels, l and my family would like to thank you all,you were very patient and helpful with us in getting our Chinook(Symon)...and the pictures and videos that you provided before he came home helped alot...he is so beautifuland loving,a new permanent part of our family,we feel blessed,thank you very much
C Glover
Sudo (Bonita) has been doing great. She's picking up training very fast. I'm very glad we got her. She's amazing.
Dicksie Dudeney
Paco, now renamed Luka, arrived this past Friday. He is a stunningly handsome little guy and he's charmed everyone who has met him. This is Siberian number four for me and he's every bit the individual the others were. He's a most welcome addition to our animal family and he is already loved very, very much. Thank you all at My Siberian Husky Kennels for my precious baby.
Selene coria and Edgar Bravo
Our family is so happy with our newest addition, Meeka is great. Shy fuzzy ball at first but she's everywhere now (: She is just perfect. thank you very much
We just got Akira home from the airport. She's so cuddly and cute! And already running around playing with her toys:) thanks for a wonderful little girl<3
Michael Schmieder
hi i just wanted to say thank you for our new puppy Zara (Nya) she was awesome on the six hour ride home, she slept almost the whole time and went potty when we stopped two times. she is such a beautiful puppy and we are so in love with her!! p.s we will see you again for our next puppy ;))
We can't thank you enough for our baby girl Bella, she has been a great addition to our family, thanks for beeing there when I had questions and for making the process very easy, will definitely have you guys in mind when we're ready to give Bella a brother or sister :-)
Amanda Harlow
Thank you so much for Lady! She is the perfect addition to our family. We already love her. :)
paula richardson
Thank you My Siberian Kennels for my awesome dog Moose! From the second I saw him I was in love! You all have gone above and beyond to answer questions, post pictures & videos! Very impressed by your professionalism!! Thanks again!
Kristi Barnes
The info about huskies being in heat was very informative. Just luv your website. Just purchased a husky...she's 7 mths. old!! Will keep your website handy!!!
Devon O
Brutus is an absolute joy! He was so good on the 7 our car ride home, I couldn't believe it! He had for right in at home like he has been here before! Excellent dog, excellent quality! Will definitely remember for future dogs
I was more then pleased with the turn out of my puppy Koda! He is a joyful ball of fur and he immediately became my new best friend! Mysiberianhusky Kennels is the way to go! I did a ton of research on other breeders and no one was more accommodating, trust worthy, and there for any question I may of had. I want to say a special thanks back to these guys!! You gave me a missing peice to my life!
Our pup Silas is just AMAZING!! We had a few issues that the breeder tried their best to keep us happy. And they did. Now we have the most BEAUTIFUL, healthy baby boy. Thank you, My Siberian for the EXCELLENT experience in finding our new family member. We WILL be getting a female and we WILL be getting her from you. Maybe sooner than we think ;) If you are looking for a BEAUTIFUL, Colorful, unique, HEALTHY Husky pup..Look no Further, Your fur baby is HERE. Maybe just born maybe ready to go. Thanks again for the WONDERFUL experience. We love Silas VERY much and we know that he will be with us for MANY years. Thumbs up to GREAT BREEDING!!! VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER HERE!!!
Katrina Garcia
Thank you for raising and breeding beautiful huskies. We are home enjoying our beautiful baby girl! She is a wonderful addition to our family. Our 5 yr old son has a new best friend! Thank you My Siberian Husky for all your advice the past few weeks!
Morgan Howard
Ace is perfect!! Thank y'all so much!!! :)
sara schwing
thank you so much for diggy.. we love him so much.he is the greatest sweetest dog ever.
Something so awesome just happened. We were on our way to get ice cream down town while walking Apollo there for the first time. Aside from him drawing crowds LITERALLY... CROWDS of people at a time, we passed a deaf couple sitting on a bench. The woman was almost completely blind and wanted to feel what a Siberian husky felt like as she has never felt one before. We sat him in her lap and her entire face lit up. It was like therapy to her when she rubbed her fingers through his coat. Her husband signed his name while she held his hand so she could know what it was and she said she was happy to feel his warmth. Danny and the man signed back and forth for 20 more minutes. This really made my day. It made me tear up a little bit
Danny and Sarah Smith
Our puppy was born on March 12th, 2013. His parents are Onix and Dakota. We picked him up on May 6th. Apollo is very sweet and loving. He's curious, smart and definitely brave! We were given lots of information upon picking him up as well as a puppy food sample of the food he had been eating, a blue blanket that has the scent of him mom/littermates on, AKC papers and his vaccination records. They have a lot of other supplies in the office as well and gave us some tips for taking care of him. Whether it was by message or text they always answered my questions. We were updated on his well-being with pictures and videos throughout the 8 weeks he was there. Apollo has a beautiful coat and it seems like they took care of him well. He had a fresh bath before we picked him up and he was just so fluffy and cute!His nails were trimmed neatly and one of the breeders actually met us a few minutes away from their office because our gps took us the wrong way since the road had been changed! haha. Our puppy is perfect for our 4-yr-old son. I recommend these breeders and if we ever decide to get another husky in the future, we know who to call. =)
Anne and Todd Travis
We love the new addition to our family, sweet Kaya!
Great experience! !!
Lauryn Benedetti
My husband and I picked up Sakima, now renamed IronHide on 4/4/13. He is seriously the sweetest, most well-behaved pup, quite possibly ever. He's not just a pet, he's like a son to us and he's keeping us on our toes as new parents. We can't get over how smart he is and how quickly he's learning housetraining and what not to chew on. I would definitely suggest My Siberian Husky Kennels to anyone looking for a loving, cuddly, amazing addition to their family. Thank you to Teresa and Jackie for always being there to answer any questions we had, and giving us such an amazing addition to our family! <3
Tristin Neill
I got Roxie yesterday (4/4/13) we renamed her Ahri, Ar ee. She's perfect in every single way imaginable. I remember thinking when she was born dang April is so far away but the time flew by! Waiting for pictures felt like ages, but my husband and I both loved watching her grow. I would recommend My Siberian to everyone. Simply amazing. Always answering my questions! I even put a deposit down for a white male, Cai, who will be able to join the family in about a month. It is true about the husky breed, you can't just have one! Thanks for everything! Tristin, Jeff & Ahri
shannon watson
Days away from me bringing aldo home im so excited hes so beautiful i keep looking at his 1st newborn pictures see how much hes grown i cant help to feel like weve met already been waiting for this day to come since day he was born so has my husband and kids teresa has been the best she keeps me updated daily sends me videos and pictures of my pup im getting 2 more after this one she has good stuff for puppies at a reasonable price to when i run out of vitamins and dogfood and exc dont have to travel shell ship it to me what a great loving breeder and ill be back just same as my children i make sure they are healthy and get everything they need thanks teresa you are a true blessing glad i found a true honest caring breeder ive always loved siberian huskeys never thought i would own one but youve made that possible brought joy in our lives
Alex portnoy
I'm very happy and thankful for a great puppy couldnt ask for anything better then that. great breeder take good care of his pups with full heart. always available for any advice when need it. thank you for everything!!!
Kim Gottlieb
Caylie and Shadow are incredible additions to our family. They are the sweetest, smartest, lovable fur babies ever!! From the moment I saw their pictures I was hooked and couldn't wait to get my hands on them. Mysiberianhusky Breeders truly cares about each and every pup as if it were its own. They take pride in this breed and it shows in the quality of their offspring! I had the pleasure of meeting my fur babies mommas-Maya (Caylie's) and Sierra (Shadow's) are such sweet, beautiful, good mommas. It was really nice to see the generations. I would definitely purchase again from this breeder and I would and have already recommend Mysiberianhusky Breeders to anyone looking to add a husky to their pac! Thank you for my sweet pups!!
Antonia and Gregg
Since we saw Karina for the first time, we fell in love with her. She's adorable and so friendly and playful with our other dogs and people. She's been such a bundle of joy to our family. We would definitely recommend My Siberian Husky to other people who know how to raise, take care, and love huskies. Everytime I had questions, the owners were always there to help me and answer all my questions. Keep the good work!! You are making so many people happy!! Thank you so much.
shannon watson
Teresa is a very sweet honest person her and jackie and her husband are honest wonderful people they are such caring people are the best breeders that ive ever met im buying aldo also a female i will only purchase from her and nobody else she really cares about each puppy shes so devoted eres un angel de la cielo gracias
Crystal Maver
Skyla (Tamara) is such an incredible addition to our family!! It was such an incredible joy to be able to watch her grow, week by week until she was in my arms! Such a blessing!! She has the best personality and adds so much joy to our lives, hour by hour.. minute by minute! Thank you for taking such great care of our little one!
Sophia (Yoki) is the sweetest little girl ever!! She loves everyone and gets along great with every other animal she's ever met. She is a drama queen though! Loves attention from mommy :) great experience!
My puppy Tina is the sweetest most beautiful puppy.This breeder defiantly takes care of their puppies and If I ever wanted another husky I would only buy from them (:
My little girl Saiga is the most sweet, well behaved pup ever! She is an incredible new addition to our family. From the moment I saw her newborn picture I was in love! Her mom Maya and father Khai are excellent parents. This is an excellent breeder to go to! They definitely put the pups first and take great care of your little fur-babies. I recommend them to anyone wanting a husky! They always have beautiful well behaved babies.
Got my puppy Shila (dizzy) from you guys in October, she is the best dog ever and is inseparable from my other dog.
kelly burkman
Great Job. the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen. soooo love the new addition to out family will send pictures soon
Kimberly and Edwin Maldonado
Our puppy Kena (Roxy) is the best dog that we have ever had! She is very intelligent and everyone that meets her falls in love with her. My husband and I are planning on getting her a playmate and will only go to this breeder for him. If you are looking for another addition to your family this is the breeder to get him or her from!!! Thank you so very much from our little girl, she is an angel!
Jennifer Brooke Daniel
Jacy, Has been the most wonderful puppy ever since day one when I picked her up Oct.28,2012. I just love her to death and my other dog Chloe loves having someone else to play with which is really good. Also I love seeing other puppies that ya'll put up on the computer they are soo breath taking that I've been talking about getting another one ..but not right now going to wait till Jacy gets a little bit older :)....I Just Love My Husky from Ya'll
Justin Ginn
My puppy is such a love pup and he is really smart. Thank you so much for this amazing addition to the family!
Bree poynter
I've always wanted a husky and as soon as I saw this website I knew I had to have one. I was so excited when she was born she is the most adorable and loving girl!! She has only been here for just less hen a day and she is already apart of the family thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!!!
Melody Johnson
I love my new huskey. He is so lovable and well mannered. He was well groomed when we picked him up. We drove 7 hours to get him and he was wonderful coming home on the ride. I diffinitely will come back for my next husky. Thank you so much!!!!
Morgan Grayson
I love my Siberian Husky!! HE is amazing and everything I had hoped for in a dog. He is very well mannered, he grooms well and loves to play with my 2 cats. The breeders always kept in contact with me about our puppy and posted pictures it was like I saw him growing up! I highly recommend them!!
Daniel Jenkins
To everyone looking to add a Siberian Husky into their family as a new addition I highly recommend this site. I just recently visited and picked up my new puppy and I was 110% satisified with the puppy. Thanks guys you are awesome breeders
Kimberly Maldonado
My husband and I can't wait until we can bring the newest addition to our family home! I have looked for a quality breeder for months and was so happy to finally come across your page! All of the puppies are simply beautiful dogs.
Antonette Fudge
I haven't brought my baby home yet and everyone wants to know where I am getting her from. I have already fallen in love with her. I was even more smitten when I went to see her and she tried to chew on my hand. Two weeks to go!!!!!
Grace Gibson
We are very happy with (Blake)now his name is Loki. He is a great dog. He has adjusted to us so fast. It seen like he already knew us. He is so well behave dog. We love him very much. It was a great decision adopting him from My Siberian husky
Jeremy LaFollette
I've had remy for a lttle over a year and he is great. great personality, playful and gets along great with everyone he meets animal or person. He is known by everyone in the neighborhood and PETSMART
Anikko Phongchit
I've had Naomi (Libra) for roughly three months and shes nothing but a bundle of energy and loves to play! Shes a fast learner and is 100% healthy. Everyone that meets her just falls in love with her even her vet!I would/ have recommend this breeded to everyone.
Doug morrow
We took Katja for her first VET visit. She did great. No crying or anything. Our vet loves huskies. She said Katja was extremely healthy and had a fantastic temprement. She actually wanted info for MYSIBERIANHUSKY KENNELS. Our vet said there wasnt even a tiny issue to worry about. 100% fantastic, balanced, socializing great and perect health. I reccomend to anyone. This breeder cares about the purity of the breed. Our baby is 119% sibeian husky!!!!!!!
I got Mia lat sunday and she is just the best puppy i could ever ask for. She's smart, beautiful, and just a amazing puppy to have. You guys definitely have amazing dogs.
I am in so in love with our baby, Nikko. He is so happy, playful and healthy. Very stubborn but that's to be expected! Thank you for raising such well rounded loving babies! My vet asked for your information to give to potential buyers he was so impressed with his progress and the microchip. He has brought some new life into the house and my old lab is completely in love with him. Thank you again we might see you again at Christmas time!
I took my babies to the vet this morning. Both are in perfect health. Natashia weighed 14 pounds while Katarina weighed 13 pounds.If you are looking for a high quality puppy, this is the kennel and puppy for you. I have two females from this kennel and I'm happy with them both!
Katja has been a dream. No crying, no fights with our other 2 huskies. Only one peepee accident. She is so smart. She already knows NO and down. Amazing puppy. Thanks to everyone at mysiberianhusky kennels. We couldnt ask for a better more well rounded pup. I am in love! She even went to the back door to go out this morning to relieve herself.
Katja is awesome, she is fabulous and doing so good with our senior huskies! potty training has been a breeze, 1 accident the 1st night but it was by the back door. She has started "arfing" at the door now! She has even slept thru each night. She is an earlier riser! I do feel like I have a 2 year old suddenly running around my house, lol! Thanks so much for her! She has brought a spark back into our senior huskies & my husband & I. You're the best!!!!
Cindy Grey
I just want you to know that our Vet said that Abby was one of the healthiest puppies he has ever seen. She is doing awesome. He was impressed that she already had a microchip! Thank you for taking such good care of your dogs and puppies. :o)

We picked up Aspen( Sakima) yesterday and he was an angel! Such a healthy and playful pup and very well behaved. We are blessed to have such a great dog and would refer anyone to MySiberianHusky Kennels.Thank you for blessing us with this handsome little man!

Keila and Eric
We got layla ( now Elphie) and she is wonderful and happy and beautiful! She is a perfect little puppy and our vet was incredibly happy with her health! When we want to get another one it will definetly be from you guys! Thanks a million!!
Clarissa Edwards
Just picked up my little baby today. hes so sweet and playful! :) Kudos to the awesome care takers!
Michael Ferri
I got magic (now cosmo) December 29 2011 and he is doing great! he'll be 7 months later this month. He's getting so big and is so well behaved. He can't go anywhere without getting complimented.
Sabrina Fletcher
I love the breed and have four of my own, the most beautiful of the canine family. Awesome dogs.
Hi, I adopted Zoey (now Zayda) on Nov. 13 2011. She is the greatest dog ever!! She is now 33lbs and 20 weeks old. I can not believe she got so big so fast. I will be sending pictures soon!! Thank you again!!
I love your huskys.
Julia Wilkins
My husband and I adopted a red and white husky puppy from you all December 31st. Casper, now Taco, is doing great here with us, our daughter, and other doggies. He is so smart and growing so fast. Thanks for such a great pup!
Just put the deposit down on a BEAUTIFUL red and white husky and I can not wait to see her and hold her. I know from looking at the site, that I am in for an amazing dog. just cant wait to meet her!
Joanne Miers
We picked up our Aspen on Dec. 27th. We had a very good ride back to New Jersey. Aspen has gotten along very well with his big sister. We will be sending up to date pictures of Aspen has he grows. He is now 19lb.
Beautiful Site! More pics please! lol
We just paid our deposit on Mimi and we are so excited to be picking her up next week!! Thank you so much!!
I have had my beautiful little girl Karli for almost a year now and she is just so precious. My husband and I love her so much.
I just placed our deposit for our first husky puppy with y'all. We look forward to meeting our new family member this christma!!! Let the countdown begin!!
The Passmore family
We can't wait to add two wonderful Siberian Husky puppies to our family this Christmas! Our twins will be 3 on Thanksgiving, we have been waiting to get them each a dog to grow up with. We are so excited to be getting littermates, 'twin puppies'! We are all greatly anticipating this holiday season! Thank you for doing what you do out of love for the breed, we know we are getting healthy, happy, perfect puppies!!
Thank you so much for Sasha. She is such a great puppy, she is so sweet and loving, and such pretty dog. You guys really do a great with the puppies
Thank you for having such beautiful and well rounded puppies. Hudson is a terrific dog, very gorgeous! I couldn't imagine my life without him! Can't wait to get another from here. Thank you so much for Him.
Thank you for regularly updating your page!! I'm constantly checking up on all the pictures!
Miranda & James
I recently bought a black and white male husky from this site. His name was Beau or "miracle" but is now Neo. My husky is very healthy a beautiful! I had no trouble at all registering him for his papers, it took no time at all to complete! My husky is very playful and loves bath time, he actually lays down in the bathtub while you wash him! I am very very happy with my husky and will be adopting again from this site in the future! Thanks so much!
Tyler Loyd
I purchased a black/white husky from this site about 2 months ago, Kota is now 12 weeks old and he is doing GREAT! very healthy and active! these guys really do love their dogs, they are true breeders!
gyonnie washington
I recently lost my 16 yo baby, Seth. Would love to have one of the pups......they are beautiful!
We can't wait to get Willow. We have a 2 yr. old Sib and she needs a friend so bad. She whines and cries over the loss of her Sib friend, so I know she will be happy with Willow.
ah i check here every week hahahaha im so obsessed, this is by far the BEST husky adopt/site i've come across in a LONG time , i give my hat off to you guys. you produce some of the most beautiful husky's. I can't wait to pick up Kuma
God you guys always have such beautiful dogs. Dec 09 I got ahusky from you guys and he was the cutest thing, a real heartbreaker. Now, Eddie is just beautiful, a serious head turner. He is just the greatest dog I've ever had. Thanks!!!
Don Haisey
Took Clay to vet today for shots. Vet said "Clay was a very high quality puppy" he also said " the breeder did an excellent job!" Thank you!!!! Don Heisey
Amy lawson
You have the most beautiful huskys I've ever seen. Just looking at all the puppies makes me want another one!! We got ours last Christmas and we love her dearly! Dakota is her daddy and she is red and white like him. Her pic is on your "puppies at home" page. Thanks again for our big girl "kodah" :)
Just had Cassidy fly in to San Diego. He's healthy and a fluffy ball of energy. Thank you for such an amazing animal =)
Your Huskys are absolutely gorgeous!!! I am anxiously awaiting for my puppy in time for Christmas :)... would love to get one now too, maybe someday in the near future nothing like 2 Husky companions :)!!
If your looking for a Husky Puppy, Get it from My siberian husky Kennels! They are very healthy and gorgeous !!!
HI, Just searching around for a descent siberian breeder looks like we may have found one. Looking to purchase a Male RED or Piebald male in the future. Our Solid white female is starting to want a new brother to play with.
Michael Marx
Great website. I am impressed with all the feedback I've found on you all. You are true dog lovers first. Depending on where I end up living, I hope I will be able to get one soon.
hi yes i am intrested in buys one of your puppies(husky) i cant right now i am in the army and currently deployed in Iraq but i will be home buy June and once i am settled i plan on buying a puppy from you i hope if its okay that it might take me a while but i submitted an application a couple of minutes ago Thank You so much Jaime
Eric S. Jones
we took Mya to the Vet. The Vet was so impressed by her disposition and how healthy she is. The Vet said we were very lucky to have her. She was also impressed about how you all take care of your Siberians. No You'all, I am not making it up, she is not too good to be true.
Hey. Just wanted to let you know that Na\'Kai is doing great. I have some Easter pics. to email you all. We just seen that you are planning to breed Ruby and Kodiak, we think they are both beautiful and it\'s about time for a new addition. We wanna get another before Ki gets to old.. and TOO spoiled. Let us know what colors your expecting and we may put a deposit down. Thanks.
Ashley and Chris Salango
Teresa and Jackie, We would like to thank you both so much for Na'Kai. He is our son and our love. Rest assured he is spoiled and loved daily. We would send anyone to get a Sibe from you. Granted Na'Kai has been stubborn as a pup but the older he gets the better he gets. He is our baby. We will def. be repeat buyers soon! Keep up the good work!
Seezer(Caesar) has become like my 3rd son, I couldn't ask for a better dog even through he can be stubborn, but that is because he is my baby. Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs...
Erinn Watts
We love our little keiko that we got from you. She is now 3 months and is getting cuter by the minute. Id love to share pictures so just email me ;P
Keera is so much fun!! We absolutely love her. She is now 12 weeks old & growing faster by the day. I'd love to share pics w/you so just email me!
I really appreciate the advise you have for house training a husky. My daughter would like one for her birthday in February. At this time I'm shopping around but I find your site very interesting and informative. I will be in touch about purchasing a puppy in January
Jasmine Ferguson
Just stopping by to say hello. I purchased a male puppy from you guys back in August. He's alot bigger now and a handful. We surely got our moneys worth with this one. We named him King and he is truly living up to his name
Emily Nichols
I bought a red/white female w/ blue eyes from you all over the summer (I traveled down from MD). She is turning out absolutely georgeous! She is currently 7 months old and is turning out to be quite a little woman. Thank you soooo much =)