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My Siberian Husky Supply Store


We are always looking for new, and effective ways to improve our service and our customers. Here you will find everything you need for your furry baby/best friend at a reasonable price, you can order here online in advance For your conveniance and SAVE on shipping by pick up your order in our kennel with your new puppy. All of our puppy products are selling fast! We offer the following benefits, Competive pricing, Quality items at an every day low price and FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $49! only $3.99 under $49.99


"I LOVE MY HUSKY!" 6"X12" aluminum License plate $16.99-17.99




Husky Licence plate




NATURAL AND EFECTIVE WORMER(Par-Free) is now available in our kennels to our customers for your conveniance at a very reasonable price...please let us know in advance if you interested in buying natural/Organic dewormer for your pet from us.. Available in 4 oz (120 CC) bottle provides 24 days worth of 5 CC wormings. $35.  Dosage: 1 CC- per 10 lbs body weight. 

Product Description

Natural Wormer (Par-Free) can destroy the pathogenic proteins and good cells remain healthy which stops the propagation of the virus, pathogenic bacteria or fungus. In other words...good bye Giardia, Coccidia, Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria, Virus and Yeast/Fungus etc. and the great part is that it does not destroy the beneficial micro-organisms (flora and fauna) of the digestive track. Most wormers are chemical poisons which have to be processed by the kidneys & liver but not this wormer, it is easy on the body and targets the pathogenic elements that are making our pets unhealthyThere's been some ups and downs during the last few Years learning what to use and what not to, but overall We believe that all of our dogs are much healthier and we are definitely have peace of mind knowing that they are chemical/poison free!



*DIATOMACEOUS EARTH FOOD GRADE 1lb $5.99 2lbs $9.99 And 3lbs $14.99

Our Diatomaceous Earth comes from an extremely pure fresh water deposit of the diatom Aulacoseira from a deposit created in the Miocene epoch. Why is this diatom so special? Its shell is made of amorphous silica. Its shape and hardness are important to how it works. Its hardness keeps it from dissolving in liquid. The holes along the diatom's wall allow it to absorb moisture, hence its use as an anti-caking agent. Darker colored Diatomaceous Earth often contains an excess of a particular mineral such as iron or a high percentage of clay. Our DE is almost pure white and has 28 trace minerals which means more diatom surface area is available. 

INTERNAL PARASITE CONTROL: Food grade diatomaceous earth makes a very effective natural insecticide. The insecticidal quality of diatomaceous earth is due to the razor sharp edges of the diatom remains. When diatomaceous earth comes in contact with the insects, the sharp edges lacerate the bugs waxy exoskeleton and then the powdery diatomaceous earth absorbs the body fluids causing death from dehydration.

Food grade diatomaceous earth has been used for at least two decades as a natural wormer for Animals. Some believe diatomaceous earth scratches and dehydrates parasites. Some scientists believe that diatomaceous earth is a de-ionizer or de-energizer of worms or parasites. Regardless, people report definite control. To be most effective, food grade diatomaceous earth must be fed long enough to catch all newly hatching eggs or cycling of the worms through the lungs and back to the stomach. A minimum of 60 days is suggested by many, 90 days is advised for lungworms.

Food grade diatomaceous earth works in a purely physical/mechanical manner, not "chemical" and thus has no chemical toxicity. Best yet, parasites don’t build up a tolerance/immunity to its chemical reaction, so rotation of wormers is unnecessary.


We educate pet owners on is prevention being the key and that is done through a strong immune system by feeding and supplementing properly. natural prevention remedies is the answer and key to keeping our pets healthy and to PREVENT pesky problems like fleas and ticks from invading your home and your pets.





*MILK KEFIR GRAINS 1 Tsp for $3.99

Make your own – it’s fun, simple, wonderful and gratifying.

Save unbeliveable amounts of $$$ It simply works and is an amazing product!!!

*Help build immunity, improve digestion, and defend against disease.

  • You will receive an amount of 1 tbs of live kefir grains with very simple instructions.  This is a starter amount of kefir grains so that you can grow your own kefir grains. It is easy to make and the benefits could be tremendous.
  • Its general health benefits are touted as a cure for everything, from allergies to cancer (Japanese research supports its cancer-fighting properties) - are so widely accepted that it is served daily in many Russian hospitals.
  • Real kefir is a very healthy, yogurt like, fermented dairy drink which can be made only with live colonies of micro organisms living symbiotically - kefir grains.
  • Weight Loss
  • Kefir has many benefits including better digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and has been known for thousands of years for its anti-aging and immune enhancing properties. * Kefir is an ancient cultured food rich in amino acids, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and B vitamins. Kefir means "feel good" in Turkish, and that's just how you'll feel after drinking a glass in the morning! Easy and fun to make at home, it is superior to commercial yogurt. An absolute must after antibiotic use! * Unlike yogurt, kefir can actually colonize the intestinal tract and is simple and fun to make at home.

It is far more probiotic than yogurt with seven to ten billion CFUs per serving of its 10 live cultures that work in your body to help build immunity, improve digestion, and defend against diseases. All from a little smoothie that tastes like dessert

Our Grains have been carefully taken care of. We have obtained our grains from multiple sources. This helps us offer the best possible kefir with as many different bacteria strains possible. They have never been dried or stored in the refrigerator and they are given fresh milk daily to keep them healthy, active and very well balanced. The kefir they produce within 24 hours has a wonderful consistency. They will begin to grow very quickly as you take care of them. You may use any type of milk that is available to you. We recommend whole milk especially during the reactivation process after the shipping time. The absolute best is raw organic cow or goat milk. You will receive whole milk kefir grains and The Kefir Grains are sealed in a food grade pouch that is BPA free (not a sandwich baggie like other providers use). Grains arrive in kefir so little to no activating is required. Email support is included to make sure you have a great kefir experience. Whether it is your first time or starting up again. If anything happens to your grains during transit we will gladly shipped you a new batch. 

Milk kefir grains (aka dairy kefir) are live active cultures consisting of yeast and bacteria which exist in a symbiotic relationship. Adding the kefir grains to fresh milk yields a probiotic drink within 18 to 48 hours. The kefir grains are reusable and with care, will allow you to make milk kefir over and over again (unlike the powdered kefir starter cultures which have a limited lifespan). Milk kefir grains are a starter culture which can be used with soy or coconut milk if care is taken to occasionally revitalize them (complete instructions will be included with each order). Coconut kefir in particular is quite thick, rich and delicious. There are numerous uses for milk kefir including making a type of cream cheese, adding to smoothies and drinking alone. Milk kefir can also be flavored after it has cultured and the kefir grains have been removed. Our Milk Kefir Grains are shipped in a dehydrated state in a barrier sealed packet. Upon receipt, the milk kefir grains can be rehydrated in fresh milk (this process usually takes 5-7 days but sometimes longer) and then used to make kefir by adding the grains to fresh milk, stirring, covering and leaving at room temperature until the desired consistency is reached (no more than 48 hours).




Product description

Lifetime Kefir grains are guaranteed to produce wonderful water kefir. Non-dairy produc. Easy to grow - and it not only grows, but MULTIPLIES

Save unbeliveable amounts of $$$ It simply works and is an amazing product

You will receive 1 tbs of live active grains with very simple instructions. Here is a brief description of water kefir: Tibicos, also known as tibi, water kefir grains, sugar kefir grains, Japanese water crystals and California Bees, are a culture of bacteria and yeast held in a polysaccharide matrix created by the bacteria. As with kefir grains, the microbes present in tibicos act in symbiosis to maintain a stable culture. Tibicos can do this in many different sugary liquids, feeding off the sugar to produce lactic acid, alcohol (ethanol), and carbon dioxide gas which carbonates the drink. Tibicos are found around the world, with no two cultures being exactly the same. Typical tibicos have a mix of Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus and Leuconostoc bacteria with yeasts from Saccharomyces, Candida, Kloeckera and possibly others. Lactobacillus brevis has been identified as the species responsible for the production of the polysaccharide (dextran) that forms the grains. People who do not wish to consume dairy products may find that water kefir provides Probiotics without the need for dairy or tea cultured products, like kombucha. Since the finished product, if bottled, will produce a carbonated beverage, it provides an alternative to sweet soda drinks for children and adults. 



ThunderShirt helps keep animals calm so they are more comfortable in situations that were once frightening.


How thundershirt works

ThunderShirt uses gentle hugging to calm your dog or cat. With its patented design, ThunderShirt’s gentle, constant pressure has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs and cats if they are anxious, fearful or overexcited. Based on surveys completed by over two thousand customers, over 80% of dogs and cats show significant improvement in symptoms when using ThunderShirt. ThunderShirt is already helping hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats around the world and is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and trainers. How does ThunderShirt work? Experts believe that pressure has a calming effect on the nervous system, possibly by releasing a calming hormone like endorphins. Using pressure to relieve anxiety in people and animals has been a common practice for years. Four (4) Colors available Grey $39.95, Pink $44.95, Blue $44.95 and Green $44.95.

Below are several examples.

parents use swaddling to calm and sooth an inconsolable infant

Wrapping a baby snuggly in a blanket, or “swaddling”, is a very common practice for helping to calm an irritable or upset baby, or to help a baby to fall asleep. Medical professionals today routinely teach swaddling to new parents, and families and friends have been passing down this wisdom for centuries. Some experts believe that swaddling mimics the warmth and pressure babies experience in the womb. But whatever the reason, there is no denying its success!

Parents have been comforting and soothing their babies with the gentle pressure of swaddling for centuries.

Help Your Dog Be Calm and Fearless During Travel

If your dog exhibits any of the symptoms of travel anxiety, we have a proven solution to try. ThunderShirt has helped many thousands of dogs to become happy and safe travel buddies. Many dog owners that have previously been forced to use sedatives for their dogs during travel, are now able to travel “drug free”! ThunderShirt is a solution that is recommended by vets because it is safe and requires no medication or training. Read Why It Works.

The Easy Dog Travel Anxiety Solution – No Medications and No Training Needed

Simply put the ThunderShirt on your dog and observe the incredible difference during your next car trip or visit to the vet or groomers. The gentle pressure of ThunderShirt gives your dog the sensation of “hugging" which calms the dog. Many dog owners have reported how their dogs that previously went berserk and barked for the entire car ride now, with a ThunderShirt, lie down and even enjoy the trip! Unlike with medications, your dog won’t be sedated, and you won’t be making frequent vet visits for expensive prescription refills. We’re delighted to help improve the quality of life for dogs and their families.

 Touch trainers use pressure to address a wide variety of animal anxieties

For many years, Tellington TTouch Trainers have been using pressure with dogs and other animals to help with a wide variety of issues, including fear of noises and separation anxieties. Prior to ThunderShirt, they frequently wrapped ace bandages around dogs and cats to achieve this pressure, but this was frequently very difficult to apply and unsafe to leave on an animal when unsupervised. Now most TTouch Trainers are using ThunderShirts because of their ease of use and safety. And ThunderShirts look great! As a component of TTouch Training, ThunderShirt is helping families, veterinarians and trainers increase an animal’s self-confidence, providing comfort in situations that were once frightening or stressful.

Help for your dog’s fear of thunderstorms – the thundershirt

If your dog is frightened of thunder or other noises, you should try a ThunderShirt. Fortunately for us, thousands of vets agree – our ThunderShirt is the easiest, safest solution for noise anxiety. ThunderShirt calms your dog with a gentle, calming pressure that likely releases a calming hormone like endorphins. It’s like a “hug” for your dog and allows most dogs to help them ride out storms calmly and contently. Hundreds of thousands of dog owners have experienced the dramatic relief for their dogs and themselves!

The easy, natural solution – no medications and no training needed

Unlike with medications, your dog will not be sedated, risk unwanted side effects, and you won’t be making frequent vet visits for expensive prescription refills. You simply place the ThunderShirt on your dog before a storm or other noise event. He or she will likely remain calm until the last rumbles have finished. And ThunderShirts are not just for Thunder! We’re helping dogs and their families improve their quality of life for many different anxiety, fear and over-excitement issues. Whether you have a rescue dog, a shelter dog, or a new puppy, ThunderShirt can really work to improve your dog’s life and yours.

People with autism use pressure to relieve their persistent anxiety

Many people with autism suffer from persistent anxiety. Dr. Temple Grandin realized that applying gentle pressure around her torso provided wonderful relief for her, and this led to the design of her “Hug Machine”. Now thousands of people with autism routinely use pressure to bring comfort. Over the years, it has also been learned that this kind of pressure can help with a wide variety of behavioral issues for both adults and children.“Pressure Vests” and “Weighted Vests” are routinely used by special needs teachers to provide calming and focus in a wide variety of circumstances.


Fresh Breath +plus Health & Wellness Water Additives

Clean Teeth-Fresh Breath- No Brushing!

Fresh Breath Water Additve +Plus Health & Wellness complete pet wellness with our three new Water Additive +Plus formulas as well as the original Fresh Breath Water Additive. We've combined the clean teeth power of Fresh Breath with the benefits of daily supplements! Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids for Skin and Coat! Glucosamine for Hips and Joints! Vitamins B6, D3 and E for Endurance.

TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additive +Plus Health & Wellness Counter Display - 12 piece

* Easily support your dog's oral health AND complete wellness with convenient, add-to-drinking-water liquid supplements
* Fresh Breath Oral Care formula supports healthy gums and teeth, minimizes bad breath for up to 12 hours
* Fresh Breath +PLUS formulas contain additional specific ingredients to support healthy joints, healthy skin and coat, and overall health


Easily promote daily oral care and support your dog's complete wellness with convenient liquid supplements you simply add to your dog's drinking water. Choose Fresh Breath Oral Care liquid to help support your dog's healthy gums and teeth. Fresh Breath Oral Care liquid also helps minimize bad breath for up to 12 hours.

Or, choose individual Fresh Breath +PLUS formulas with additional specific ingredients selected to support the health of various body systems. Fresh Breath +Hip & Joint also contains glucosamine to support healthy joints. Fresh Breath +Skin & Coat, with Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, also helps support healthy skin and a shiny coat. Fresh Breath +Endurance contains Vitamins B6, D3, and E to also help support overall health and vitality. 16 oz bottle.

TropiClean's natural Water Additives are developed to provide dogs and cats with essential daily oral hygiene. Without proper dental care, 70% of dogs and cats start to show signs of oral disease by age 3. Oral disease can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious health problems. TropiClean's Water Additives promote healthy gums and eliminate bad breath for up to 12 hours.

Why It’s Important

Brushing your dog’s teeth isn’t just about fresh breath. It’s an essential part of good oral care, and good oral care is important to your dog’s overall health. Although most people aren’t aware of it, periodontal, or gum disease is a common, serious problem in dogs. Yet brushing your dog’s teeth can prevent it! Veterinarians estimate that 85 percent of dogs over five years of age suffer from periodontal disease, which develops when food particles and bacteria collect along the gum line and form soft deposits called plaque. Over time, the plaque turns into rock-hard tartar. If tartar isn’t removed from your dog’s teeth, it will eventually inflame his gums. As the inflamed gums begin to separate from the teeth, pockets form in which more bacteria grow, causing periodontal disease to worsen. At this point, your dog can experience severe pain, lose teeth, form abscesses in his mouth and develop a bacterial infection that can spread through the bloodstream to the kidneys, liver, heart or brain. Periodontal disease is irreversible, so now is a great time to get started on a regular oral-care regimen for your dog. Prevention is the key to keeping him healthy and happy.


SIBERIAN HUSKY BOOK A Comprehensive guide to owning and caring for your new puppy.

Information about breed history, characteristics and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding, training, preventative health care and behavior of the breed. Also includes advice about puppy-proofing the home, preparing for the puppy's arrival, housetraining and preventing puppy problems. Includes over 135 color photos. $14.99.


SIBERIAN HUSKY BOOK. A complete guide for new puppy owner


Discover a whole new world of dogs® with these revolutionary, breed-specific guides accompanied by a free DVD.

From the leader in responsible animal care for over 50 years comes this exciting series of dog breed titles. Written by professional pet writers who are also experts on the breeds, each book is filled with valuable information on a variety of topics that are essential for cultivating health and happiness in a canine companion. $19.99

* 192 pages of brand new text, featuring highly breed-specific information
* an extensive health chapter, reviewed and approved by a respected veterinarian
* chapters on feeding, grooming, and beginner and advanced training
* a bonus DVD featuring socialization, safety, and training advice from a professional dog trainer and detailed information from a veterinarian on what happens at the vet and how to perform regular home health checks
* a comprehensive resource section
* an ideal mixture of informative text and accompanying photographs--plus sidebars and tip boxes.


Fashion double row diamond dog collar colour pet collar

Elegant pet collars, USES the leather production, Mosaic beautiful diamond. Available in red, black, blue, pink, orange. $8.99 compare to $12.99



ADJUSTABLE ~ FITS BRISKET ~ SIZE: 13 to 19in. No Pull Trainer Easy Dog Walking!

The Four Paws No Pull Trainer is used by professional dog trainers worldwide and the No Pull Trainer will stop any dog from pulling, regardless of their size.

The Four Paws No Pull Trainer gives you maximum control without choking your dog. This product is guaranteed to work and no collar is required.

The No-Pull Trainer is a lightweight device that was designed to stop all dogs from pulling.

SMALL SIZE - for small/midium breeds like schnauzers, poodles, dachshunds, pugs, cocker spaniels and beagles. 


__________________________________________________________________________DOG LEASH & COLLAR SET W/PAW PRINT W:1.5CM 3 ASST CLRS BLUE/RED/BLACK. Looking for a nice, cheap dog collar and leash set? We have it! These assorted color dog collars/Leash set are available in two popular sizes: S/M - Fits 14-22" Neck Sizes M/L - Fits 16-26" Neck Sizes. Great quality for less than $6.99!    DOG LEASH & COLLAR SET W/PAW PRINT & 3 ASST CLRS W:1.5CM 



LED Bone Pet Safety Light

This bone shaped LED light attaches to the collar to ensure the safety of your dog. Now walking your dog in the dark is not dangerous! Each LED blinks to protect you and your dog. What better way to see your dog at night, as well as protect yourself against cars and trucks speeding through the streets during your nighttime walks. $4.99


Healthy Max Skin & Coat Dog Treats

Nobody likes itchy skin and dull hair, not even your pooch. Give him a healthy, nutritionally enhanced treat that he’ll really love, because it’s made with real salmon. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids combined with zinc enhance protein rich salmon to promote supple skin and a lustrous coat. Plus, he’ll love the yummy salmon flavor!
Healthy Max Weight Management Dog Treats
Fido looking a little thick around the middle? Give him a healthy, low calorie treat that he’ll really love, because it’s made with real chicken. Fortified with L-Carnitine to aid in weight loss and complex carbohydrates to balance blood sugar, he’ll be back to a healthy weight in no time!
Healthy Max Hip & Joint Dog Treats
Is it getting tough for Rover to run and play? Give him a healthy, nutritionally enhanced treat that he’ll really love. Treats help bring back the spring in his step and antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals help boost his immune system. Real chicken not only makes them taste good, but also provides 120 grams of protein! $3.99 bag of 4 oz Great value for helthy treats!

**Saving JUST ONE major trip to the vet could pay more than a lifetime supply of NuVet Plus**

Tastes Like a Treat Dogs LOVE IT!

Independently tested and recommended by leading veterinarians, Human grade, natural ingredients, Formulated over a period of eight years by physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists and animal nutritionists For complete details on this amazing immune enhancing product with money back guarantee...


* Allergies * Skin and Coat Problems * Scratching, Itching, Biting * Hot Spots * Arthritis and Joint Problems * Premature Aging * Low Energy Levels * Diabetes and Liver Problems * Cataracts and Tumors * Digestive Problems * Tearing * Heart Disease And Much More...For more info. on this wonderful vitamins please visit

CLICK THE "BUY NOW" BUTTON TO ORDER NOW! 90 WAFERS $55.00~ 180 WAFERS $105.00~360 WAFERS $199.00 The more you order the more you save! you can save even more for shipping if You order here online and pick up in our kennel. NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement for dogs. Dosage: 1 wafer per day for dogs 5 lbs and over. 1/2 wafer if under 5 lbs. 90 wafers last 3 months for one dog! GREAT VALUE For just pennies a day your beloved pet will live a long and happy life!


NuVet pet health












Brewer’s Yeast & Garlic Fortified with Vitamins For Dogs and Cats.

Tastes Like a Treat!

Product Description:

Brewer's Yeast & Garlic Tablets keep fleas and ticks off their pets, help resolve excessive shedding, and provide relief to allergic issues affecting their pets' skin.

An excellent source of B-complex vitamins and protein. Low in fat, and fortified with B-1, B-2, niacin and antioxidants.

We definitely know that pets with healthy immune systems are at far lower risk of being targeted by parasites, which clearly favor animals in poor health as their preferred hosts. Garlic has been used for its health-strengthening properties for thousands of years, and the high B-vitamin content of brewer's yeast makes it a natural choice for immune system support.

Available in regular and Peanut Butter Flavoring.

Contains top quality debittered yeast that your dogs and cats love to eat.

Contains 5% garlic.

Includes Vitamin C as an antioxidant, which helps prevent “flea anemia”, and works as a detoxifier and immune system rebuilder.


TABLETS: Dogs and cats 2 tablets daily for each 10 lbs. of body weight.


Note: During stress, convalescing, pregnancy, or in summer months, double daily amount.

AVAILABLE IN: 500 chewable tablets and 1000 chewable tablets

NaturVet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic





Puppy Dog Pet Click Clicker Obedience Training Clicker Trainer Aid Guide $4.99

Good training aid tool for your pets.
Small enough to be hidden in your palm.
Raised button design to activate the click.
Develop your relationship with your pets through teaching and training them.



Potty Training Kit by Purina Pet Gear Bells & Bag Caddy, WORKS! $7.99 compare to $10.99-12.99

Purina Pet Gear Puppy New Dog Training Kit WORKS