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My Siberian Husky Kennels are a group of devoted Holistic Family Breeders and Animal lovers dedicated to offering only the best purebred puppies. We specializing in Siberian Huskies for 15 years  located in Charlotte and Iron Station NC. in 3, and 10 acres of land! so our Furry family members have planty of room to Run!. EACH KENNEL  HAS NO MORE THAN 2-3 BREEDING FEMALES WE ARE NOT A PUPPY MILL!!!! Our Main Kennel/Office is located in Iron Station. We're a Friendly family that love what we do, We are dedicated to bringing you the best pet quality,  We spend and enjoy ALL Day Grooming, cleaning our kennels playing and also During this time we Practice and exercises the pups to improve performance and Socialitation to keep them as Healthy as possible, "About Us" Is actually about you, Our valuable customer. We serve you by working hard to provide you the best pet quality and to give all of our customers the best service possible since 2003 as we strive to produce quality and healthy family companions, We are so certain about the quality of our puppies that we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Our dogs are part of our family and we treat them as such. They receive the best care and loving attention at all times.We love our animals. We DO NOT sell puppies to Puppy Mills, or Pet Stores under any circumstances. We only sell puppies to Loving Homes as lifetime companions, We also sell puppies to RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS whom we can trust to provide a healthy and happy home for our furry babies. All of our Dogs are very playful, sociable, loving, easy-going, and they love people! We are sure we will have your perfect puppy, whether you are looking for a pet quality or for show. All of our dogs are on NATURAL/ORGANIC Remedies All year- long.  for All gastrointestinal worms , heartworms , Ticks and fleas preventative And "NuVet Plus Canine Health Suplement" in order to ensure the best health and termperaments possible, With proper nutrition and care, our dogs live longer and happier lives.


These are the words that define our work to do the very best for the pets that provide us with unconditional love, trust and companionship. We support groups whose goals are similar to our own, helping pets live healthier, happier, longer lives. we support organizations and activities that promote the power of natural nutrition and the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles.

Would you like your dog to live a longer healthier life?

Your dog’s, best defence against insects and parasites is a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM supported by APPROPRIATE DIET.

We educate pet owners on is prevention being the key and that is done through a strong immune system by feeding and supplementing properly. natural prevention remedies is the answer and key to keeping our pets healthy and to PREVENT pesky problems like fleas and ticks from invading your home and your pets.

Whenever possible, we always prefer a natural alternative to harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients when treating our dogs. That’s why we love Coconut Oil, Essential Oils, Canned Pumpkin, Apple cyder vinegar and Diatomaceous Earth – these few natural, safe, and healthy alternatives are proven to work and are completely safe in treating a wide variety of issues, from joint health, to hot spots, to flea control, worms/parasites and digestion. Breeders, animal rescues and pet owners all are finding that traditionally used wormers are no longer as effective as they used to be for our pets. Especially when dealing with Giardia, Coccidia, Fungus, EColi, Parvo and  Worms. We have used the traditional drugs so much, that they rarely take care of Giardia -- which is of growing concern, in pet health care. Loose stools are so often blamed on IBD, IBS or food Allergies when in fact they are caused by Giardia Protozoa - a water borne parasite. This is where Natural/Organic remedies can really help solve the parasite problem. It is a 100% Natural, It works quickly, does not disrupt the beneficial bacteria of the gut (flora/fauna) and it's reasonable in cost, especially for multiple pet families, large kennels or shelters. Because of this, we can relate to our customers needs and guide them in making the very best decisions for their beloved pets. Our goal is to provide you the very best in healthy puppies along with sound nutritional advice for your pet's life long wellness. We are proud of our 12+yearrelationship with our valued customers and we have enhanced the lives of many satisfied Families and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. We look forward to keep providing you with the best temperament and Health, because at My Siberian Husky Kennels is "where you our customers and pets comes first!"

Natural Wormer (Par-Free) is now available in our kennels to our customers for your conveniance at a very reasonable price...please let us know in advance if you interested in buying natural/Organic dewormer for your pet from us.. Available in 4 oz (120 CC) bottle provides 24 days worth of 5 CC wormings. $35.  Dosage: 1 CC- per 10 lbs body weight.

Natural Wormer (Par-Free) can destroy the pathogenic proteins and good cells remain healthy which stops the propagation of the virus, pathogenic bacteria or fungus. In other words...good bye Giardia, Coccidia, Parasites, Pathogenic Bacteria, Virus and Yeast/Fungus etc. and the great part is that it does not destroy the beneficial micro-organisms (flora and fauna) of the digestive track. Most wormers are chemical poisons which have to be processed by the kidneys & liver but not this wormer, it is easy on the body and targets the pathogenic elements that are making our pets unhealthy. There's been some ups and downs during the last few months learning what to use and what not to, but overall We believe that all of our dogs are much healthier and we are definitely have peace of mind knowing that they are chemical/poison free!

Our Veterinarians:

Ironton Animal Hospital. Dr. Tony Levine (704) 732 442


Special Holistic Veterinarian in Gastonia Dr DeHaan...

 We are also an AKC inspected kennel and are in compliance with ALL AKC RULES and regulations. We are always looking for new, and effective ways to improve our service and our customers. Parents on site you will be able to socialize with them when you come pick up your little one!.... please email us photo's. It's always a joy to see how our pups grow up. We Special thank everyone that has sent us pics of the puppies that were born here in our puppy palace, we appreciate that you let us show off your puppy and see  them grow up : ) ... Please be sure when you contact us by E-mail include your phone number in your email as there have been times that I have responded to inquiry email and they bounce back to me and I have no other way of contacting you. We answer all E-mails the same day it was received. If you E-mail us and you do not hear back from us it is because we did not get your E-mail. Please try Emailing us again. We'd rather communicate via E-mail or text messages but you're welcome to call anytime if you have any questions or concerns!                      

Call/Text (704)858-7689 or (704)630-2040 Text only


 if there is no answer, please leave a message & we will get back to you ASAP. We treat you with respect, We respond prontly to emails.

NURSERY/DELIVERY ROOM: Our puppies are born inside our Home We are never far from our babies. We are dog lovers first and breeders second. We take extra care of our mothers in our labor and delivery room as well as keeping around the clock watch on our nursery. We are personally involved with each Puppy. They become part of our family from the first day they are born. Each & every one of ours puppies are nurtured with love and care we talk and gently breathe in to each puppy's face every day cinse the day their born although this early in life their eyes and ears are closed, they can smell and we want them to be used to our scent, Much time and consideration is given to each and every breeding in order to ensure a healthy puppy. Just as with my adult dogs. Our main goal is to produce a healthy loving addition & to add a little ray of sunshine to your family and make life a little less lonely. Each puppy has a unique personality and special characteristics. Please be sure to research the breed that you are interested in before Adopting/purchasing.

 Kennel Visits: WE DO NOT PERMIT ANYONE INSIDE OUR KENNEL AREA. We have mothers with Babies that may react in nervous way. Also we Don't permit anyone in our kennel area due to health reasons. You can infect an entire kennel just by walking through a petstore or park and picking something up on your clothing or shoes and walking in to a kennel. We are very protective of our pups and because of this we are very pleased to say we have never had any desease in our kennels. Please understand that we just trying to prevent any deseases. This is our full time job to take properly care of all furbabies and because we know how exiting it is to get weekly photos of your pups! Our kennels are heated in the winter and cooled during the summer months. Our Siberian Huskies have access to the outside runs so they can enjoy some fresh air, exercise, play and do their doggy business!

 Have a question? Please check the FAQ section to see if it has been answered there. https://www.mysiberianhusky.org/faq

 We accept deposits thru PayPal. All you need is a debit/credit card, you don't need an acount with PayPal to use this option, PayPal is quick, secure, and will also get you your puppy pick faster! We'll be glad to put your name on our waiting list, and contact you when we have the color of your choice.

 Order (PUPPY) Status Notification E-mails

After placing a Deposit, you will be notified the order status by emails. These order status emails are necessary for providing you with high quality service and can not be opted out. My Siberian Husky Kennels does not rent, sell, barter or give away its members? names, e-mail addresses or mailing addresses for use by advertisers and other third parties for the purpose of solicitations.

 We'd rather communicate via E-mail or text messages but you're welcome to call anytime if you have any questions or concerns! (704)858-7689  if there is no answer, please leave a message & we will get back to you ASAP.

 Please check our Guestbook page for references. You may also follow us on facebook and INSTAGRAM to see lots of puppy pictures and videos!





 1. Charlotte North carolina 28219 (2 BREEDING FEMALES)

 2. Iron Station North Carolina 28080 (3 BREEDING FEMALES)


What You Need to Know about Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil offers multiple benefits not just to us, humans, but even to our animal companions as well. When given to your pooch, it can aid in making his skin healthy by clearing up common skin problems like itchiness, flea allergies, fungal infections, eczema, and contact dermatitis. This widespread natural ingredient also helps in preventing dry skin, making your pooch’s coat sleek and glossy, disinfecting cuts, and promoting wound healing. In addition, this natural product can aid in letting your pooch gain better digestion, improved bone health, and superior metabolic function, and even enhanced immune system.

How to Use Coconut Oil:

As a food supplement: When you supplement your pooch’s diet with this ingredient, remember to start slow. Bear in mind that giving your dog too much coconut oil hastily can result in digestive and detox problems. Large amounts of this component can cause diarrhea so begin with small amounts and just increase gradually. A general rule of thumb for the optimal dose for Fido is only about one teaspoon for every ten pounds of body weight daily or about one tablespoon for every thirty pounds. Do not start with these amounts as you commence the change in Fido’s diet though. You can try ¼ teaspoon daily for puppies or small breeds, and 1 teaspoon for large breeds. Just slowly increase the amount after a few days and no problem has occurred. Once your four-legged friend appears to be uncomfortable, lethargic, or has diarrhea, just reduce the amount temporarily. Coconut oil is often best administered with solid or liquid food at any meal.

As a topical treatment for skin issues: In addition to feeding coconut oil to your dog, you can use it as a topical treatment for a variety of skin issues. Dry patches, itchy skin, hot spots, infections, etc. Just rub a generous amount of coconut oil directly onto your dog’s skin. The best part of all – it’s perfectly safe if Fido licks it off.

• Canned Pumpkin

What Benefits Fido Can Get from Canned Pumpkin:

Pumpkins are very rich in fiber and even just 2 teaspoons of a canned version of it can already aid in your pooch’s digestion process. Canned pumpkin, which is in puree form, contains lots of dietary fiber which can absorb the excess water in your dog’s stool; thus, making his poop more firm. This makes it perfect for when your dog has diarrhea. Interestingly, the same product can treat constipation. Canned pumpkin can also help in softening Fido’s stool and cure his upset stomach in an instant. No wonder, this common item for consumption is regarded as one of the best natural remedies to our pet’s stomach problems. Aside from that, canned pumpkin can also make a tasty, healthy addition to dog treats.

Sample Pumpkin Dog Treat You Can Prepare:

Canned pumpkins are not just rich in fiber, but in some other nutrients as well such as Vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. It’s low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, too! So making treats for Fido with this nourishing ingredient is a good health decision. To give you an idea, why not try the pumpkin dog treat with peanut butter recipe we have found for you below:

· Ingredients: 2 ½ cups of whole wheat flour, 2 eggs, 1 ¼ canned pumpkin (only use the pure pumpkin puree, not the pumpkin chunks or pumpkin pie filling), ¼ cup of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy), ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and ¼ cup of water, and additional flour for rolling.

· Instructions: Start by preheating the oven to 350° F, and then placing all ingredients in a bowl. Stir the jumble until thoroughly mixed. After this, add water as necessary to combine all the ingredients. Roll out dough to about ¼ inch of thickness and then cut them using dog cookie cutters. Place the cookies on a greased cookie sheet, ando then bake for about 20 minutes. But if you want a really hard cookie for Fido, you can bake it up to 5 to 10 minutes only. Cool the pumpkin cookies completely on a wire rack or you can leave them in the oven to cool overnight before serving.

• Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

The Advantages of Using Diatomaceous Earth (DE):

Diatomaceous earth is an effective yet inexpensive way of controlling both external and internal parasites in your pooch. It is a safe, non-toxic substance made up from crushed freshwater organism and marine life fossils that could be deadly to any insect but completely harmless to pets. In addition, diatomaceous earth has been found out to absorb toxic compounds and matters like methyl mercury, endotoxins, e-coli, viruses, drug and pesticide residues, and even protein. As a result, this natural remedy has become very valuable as a colon cleanser, detox solution, and digestive aid.

How Diatomaceous Earth Works and How to Use it:

DE is generally a powder made of micro-skeletons of deceased diatoms. It’s mode of action in terms of insect/parasite control is mainly mechanical. Those microscopic sharp edges of powdered diatoms have sharp edges that when comes in contact with the insect/parasite, can pierce through its protective coating. As a result, these irritants and their larvae get dehydrated and die.

When using diatomaceous earth, consider the following guidelines:

· Wear a mask and put one on Fido. Although this substance is non-toxic, you’ll want to keep it from getting in your lungs.

· Sprinkle the DE along your pooch’s spine. Massage it along his body as you work your way carefully to his extremities, avoiding your dog’s eyes.

· You can also try spreading some DE on the carpet, brushing it in, and leaving it there for about four days. You can then vacuum it up to get rid of the fleas in the carpet.

· Just repeat the application as often as necessary during an infestation. You should be able to see a decrease in fleas within only a couple of days.

· Ensure that you use the natural, human-grade DE, not the one used in swimming pools.


For more information about using All Natural Remedies, check out these fantastic sources:



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