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These dates are estimates. The exact date depends on Mother Nature.                 

We expect Black/white, Red/white, Medium and Woolly Coat.  If you have Love to give to one of our special treasures please email/text or feel free to call us anytime, we look forward to hearig from you soon!

Price: $1400-1450 We are now accepting a $200 Deposit on all these litters and the remaining balance (cash) Will be due when you come pick up your puppy. We DO NOT accept deposit on any upcoming litter if you DO NOT have a second choice on coat or eye color. 

First Choice Black/whiteFemale AVAILABLE


Second Choice Black/whiteFemale AVAILABLE.

First Choice Gray/whiteFemale RESERVED FOR THE DIAZ FAMILY! 

Second Choice Gray/whiteFemale  AVAILABLE.

Third Choice Gray/whiteFemale AVAILABLE..

Firs Choice Red/whiteFemale AVAILABLE 

Second Choice Red/whiteFemale AVAILABLE

First Choice Red/Female AVAILABLE

Second Choice Red/ Female AVAILABLE.

First Choice Solid whiteFemale RESERVED FOR THE STOKES FAMILY! 

Second Choice Solid whiteFemale AVAILABLE.

First Choice AgoutiFemale AVAILABLE.

First Choice Wolf GrayMale RESERVED 

First Choice Gray/whiteMale AVAILABLE

Second Choice Gray/whiteMale AVAILABLE


Second ChoiceRed/white Male AVAILABLE 

FIRST Choice Black/white Male AVAILABLE

Second Choice Black/white Male AVAILABLE

First Choice Red/whiteMale AVAILABLE.

Second Choice Red/whiteMale AVAILABLE.

First Choice Solid whiteMale AVAILABLE.

Second Choice Solid whiteMale AVAILABLE.

Puppies will come with the following


1. A Complete Health Record and a health certificate from the vet (up to date on all necessary vaccinations and deworming)


3. Puppy Blanket with mother/litter mates scent, The smell of the blanket will comfort him/her during his first night and the next few weeks with you, So this will help your new puppy transition be more easier to adjust to his new home and to ease the stress level.

4. Written Health Guarantee and LIFETIME GUARANTEE against any Genetic Defects (All of our pups will come with a health certificate from one of our vet, even if they are not being shipped. This is just to make sure that all puppies leave our home Healthy!! All vet details will be giving to you with your new pup paper work so you can confirm if you have any questions. Not only will we give Lifetime Generic Guarantee, but we will also give you 3 days to take your puppy to your own vet. The 3 days are giving so that you make sure the puppy does not have any parasites and as a responsible breeder, if your puppy has parasites/worms with in 3 days of leaving, WE will cover the vet fees for any positive fecal test for your consideration. We are so certain about the health of our puppies that we now also Guarantee that your puppy will be parasites/worms free when they leave our care if not we will pay for the necesary worm treatment.

5. MILK KEFIR/DE ( 7-10 Day sup.) Your puppy get's milk kefir from the day he/she is born right up until he/she leaves our care to go to yours. Hopefully you will be willing to continue this at home. The benefits are HUGE!!! Help build immunity, improve digestion, and defend against diseaseKefir and DE is available in our kennel for yourconvenianceIf a customer chooses not to purchase it in our Kennel when they pick up their puppy, they then end up ordering it from us as we have the hightes quality and the best immune booster, The immune system has to be strong to have good health. Your dog’s, best defense against insects and parasites is a STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM supported by APPROPRIATE DIET.

6. Our top secrets on how to keep your puppy HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

7. Fleas & Ticks Free.

8. Puppy Kit-Info with how to care for your new puppy.

9. Akc Reg*

10. Puppy favorite toy.

11. Potty Trained*

12. TASTE  THE WILD  Puppy food Sample.

13. Nuvet Plus Vitamins Sample.